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Parallel (or Serial) to USB (or Ethernet) adapter cable

While some of our customers claim to have successfully used Parallel or Serial to USB or Ethernet cable adapters with their BOCA printers, we recommend that you avoid the use of these adapters and use an interface that is physically present on your computer. As we have not tested either of these adapter cable types, we will be unable to assist you in the use of either the adapter cables or the associated software.

Slow Ticket Throughput / Delays Between Tickets

The improper use of the printer’s flash commands will result in reduced ticket throughput (particularly with Ethernet). We strongly recommend restricting the use of flash commands to periodic initialization routines. Under no circumstances should flash commands be used on every ticket. (Most lower case commands with the exception of <p>, <q>, <n> and <t> are flash commands.)

USB Issues

Printers produced prior to serial number 271300 (roughly June 2012) are USB 1.1 compliant devices. These printers will not work reliably with new computers utilizing USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 and may cause communication issues, such as failing to recognize the printer (come up with unspecified device). We recommend the use of a USB hub when connecting an older USB 1.1 printer to a newer generation computer.


Common Interface Problems