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Boca Systems has utilized its engineering expertise and resources to produce the most environmentally responsible ticket printer possible. We have analyzed every aspect of the design process and manufacturing environment in order to implement reductions in both material usage and energy consumption.

Boca SystemsLong Life
All BOCA printers are designed to last in excess of ten years. Assuming a minimal amount of occasional maintenance, your printer will last forever. Unlike other products that need periodic replacement, your printer will not require limited landfill space as it continues to work reliably for many years into the future.

Easily RecyclableEasily Recyclable
In the rare event that your printer outlives your requirement, the enclosure and most of the internal parts are made of easily recyclable aluminum parts.

Reduced Size and Packaging
Over the past five years, we have reduced the average size of the printer by approximately 40% resulting in similar reductions in printed circuit board size, paint usage and cabling. The reduced printer size reduces shipping weight by approximately 30% while affecting a 40% reduction in shipping volume. Both factors significantly decrease the environmental impact of shipping our products throughout the world.

Environmentally Responsible
Our products comply with all applicable ROHS regulations. We have also implemented a number of measures to reduce the energy usage in our manufacturing facilities.

Energy Efficiency
Extensive R&D efforts in power supply design have allowed us to reduce the printer’s idle power requirements by over 50% to under 3 watts. Typical operating power usage has dropped by almost 20% to approximately 22 watts.  These improvements reduce both your ongoing cost of using the printer and its impact on the environment, while allowing our printers to earn the ENERGY STAR qualification.

Boca Systems

Boca Systems