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Magnetic Card

all tolerances are +/- .006" unless otherwise noted
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Mag Strip Specs

Ticket Specification
Ticket Width 2.116 (53.75mm) +/- .008 (+/- 0.203mm)
Length 3.375 +/- .010
Material HS7, HS11, P11 or equivalent
Thickness .007, .010 OR .011 +/- .0003
Perforation 25% maximum

Perfs must be strong enough to avoid accidental separation.

Rounded Edges Optional Square edges are acceptable
Mag Strip Placement Printer dependent

Magnetic Specification
Stripe Width Stripe must cover at least .020 more than indicated above
Preferred stripe Polyester coated magnetic foil (LoCo or HiCo)
Optional stripe UV coated ink slurry (LoCo or HiCo)
Uncoated ink slurry is unacceptable
Ticket Thickness .007" or .010" - send samples to BOCA
prior to printer purchase


Ticket Specifications - Magnetic Card Layout